In a special issue of EGR Global, leading gambling industry publisher, Alona Kobozieva, Energame’s director of marketing and communications, recently made a case for increased representation of women in iGaming.

In her opinion article, she refers to Energame’s own research into the issue reviling that while iGaming holds huge potential for future growth, it continues to be a male dominated industry. This imbalance is evident across the sector from leadership roles to game development and strategic decision making. The under-representation of women highlights important systematic issues related to diversity, equality and inclusion.

Addressing these challenges is crucial to advancing innovation, understanding diverse customer bases and driving growth. This transformation requires:

Transparency and Data Collection

Comprehensive data on gender representation is the first step. Blindly meeting quotas won't work; understanding the data is key to establishing a clear path towards equality. Sharing these insights fosters accountability and encourages industry-wide standards for progress.

Rethinking Recruitment and Development

Companies need to invest in attracting and retaining women. Tailored career development programs and mentorship opportunities empower women to reach leadership positions.

Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

To create a truly inclusive environment, a three-pronged approach is necessary:

  • Addressing unconscious bias through training.
  • Promoting diversity and sensitivity training.
  • Implementing policies that ensure fair and equitable workplaces.

“I am fortunate to work for Energame, a company that recognises the importance of addressing this imbalance. We have rightly taken a proactive stance to champion gender diversity and inclusion, with women making up 39 per cent of our senior leadership team, 49 per cent of our management team and 44 per cent of our overall workforce. However, our commitment goes beyond numbers; it’s about cultivating an environment where women can thrive, innovate and lead.”

Women at Energame are at the forefront of driving strategic decisions, fostering innovation and leading our advisory services; they are integral to our success. By promoting gender equality within our ranks and in the businesses that we advise, Energame is consciously seeing itself as an industry driver of a more inclusive and equitable future. But we understand that we also have further to go to achieve true gender parity.

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