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Energame is a management consultancy and an investment advisory firm specialized in online entertainment.

We manage the development and growth of a diverse range of clients within the iGaming sector, encompassing areas of sports betting, gambling, cybersport, fantasy sports, IT platform solutions, and content production worldwide.



Our client base represents the entire value chain of the industry and as advisers we generate unique synergy, sustainable added value and unparalleled competitive advantages.

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The biggest advantage we bring, beyond our comprehensive expertise, includes 30 years of hands-on experience, a global network and growth mindset.



GR8 Tech is a global product company that provides innovative, scalable platforms and business solutions for the iGaming industry. The company empowers entrepreneurs to launch iGaming businesses with tailored operational setups or to upgrade platform solutions of established brands.

With a proven track record of over 15 successful brand launches worldwide, GR8 Tech provides the foundation for exploring new growth opportunities in the iGaming industry using tried-and-tested technologies.


BETER is the industry’s leading provider of next-gen content and data, spanning fast sports, esports, live casino products and gaming solutions.

The world’s largest sportsbooks & betting operators trust the company because they offer the industry’s most advanced, fast-paced betting experience available.


Global Business Solutions is a global service company, which has assembled a team of exceptional professionals with the expertise to guide businesses through challenges.

The company’s profound knowledge and capabilities are integrated within a robust ecosystem, prioritizing trustworthy partnerships, operational efficiency, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Growe is a leading provider of comprehensive business solutions, helping new ventures establish and grow their brands while maximizing revenue potential.

Expertise extends to developing and implementing entertainment technology platforms, enabling the clients to expand their reach and achieve sustainable growth.

Boring Agency

Boring Agency is a premier performance marketing agency that helps companies achieve measurable outcomes in driving the growth of prominent iGaming brands.

The company offers Affiliate marketing, SEO, media buying, Influencer marketing, brand communication strategy and industry-specific marketing technologies.


Parimatch is a global entertainment gambling brand focused on online sports betting. The brand’s team is driven by the sole purpose of delivering best-in-class cross-cultural experiences while expanding the range of services and improving the user experience.

Parimatch became one of the most popular innovative online betting platforms in Europe, CIS region, Cyprus, Latin America, Brazil, Africa. The brand is well known for a full range of gambling entertainment, from betting on sporting events to poker and slots. is a standalone gambling management company that operates under different brands on 9 markets and manages 11 projects, using an innovative gaming platform and innovative approaches. aims to revolutionize the gambling landscape with its approach, pioneering innovations, and showing the in risk-taking business vision, innovation, and outstanding player experiences. 


of our clients


Ukraine, Cyprus, UK, UAE, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan


Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania


South America

Brazil, Chile, Peru



Energame is a management consultancy and an investment advisory firm specialized in online entertainment.


We offer a comprehensive suite of management services to both early-stage and mature iGaming companies, as well as businesses providing services in this industry. This includes, advice on strategy, growth, marketing, public affairs, finance, and operational excellence, and more.

We adopt a flexible, bespoke approach for each client, aiming to ensure their ultimate success. Simultaneously, we are not averse to pushing their limits to reach ambitious goals and achieve mutual success.


We also advise companies from the world of online entertainment on investment strategy, asset targeting, M&A supervision, capital fundraising, and more. We may selectively co-invest with our clients when the opportunity arises.


Unrestrained Growth

We challenge conventional thinking in our pursuit of growth for our clients and partners.

Recognizing that everlasting evolution, adaptation and transformation are critical to sustained success, we strive to foster an environment that encourages these elements.

Adaptiveness and Flexibility

We harness the power of bold ideas, great products and unrivalled companies.

As such we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all and endorse tailored strategies aimed at sustainable growth.


By working with a variety of companies on all continents, we draw from a wealth of perspectives within the entertainment industry and beyond.

This enriches and fortifies both our clients’ business and us.


Integrity is a cornerstone of our business and we invest a great deal of time and effort in nurturing mutual trust in our relationships. We are proud to have built an open and inclusive culture that is centred around, shared commitment and responsibility with our clients and partners.

This mutual adherence to principles is essential for our shared success.


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Managing Partner
Vision, Strategy

Maksym is the leader of Energame. He forges the Vision for the business and oversees its Strategic Development.

Maksym sports an exhaustive 20-year experience in business strategies, M&A, competition and international law, alongside taxation, and online business development. He’s an inspiring leader and an accomplished manager, seasoned in running complex international business structures, building sustainable corporate governance and turning companies around in effective restructuring.

Maksym Liashko


M&A, Finance

Anna is an expert in corporate growth strategies and governance. She leads finance and is responsible for securing, growing and adapting this critical function to the everchanging environment.

She is currently focused on building ecosystem of synergies, to help identify and execute M&A and joint venture opportunities for new businesses.

Anna Motruk


Corporate Affairs Director
Government and Public Affairs

Nicholas’ career in business spans almost two decades and multiple sectors, from energy and real estate to IT and investment. He has represented international majors, built asset managers from the ground up, scaled businesses and directed international M&A.

At Energame, he manages all external communications and plays an integral role in Strategy, M&A and Business Development.

Nicholas Tymoshchuk


Vashiotis Business Center, Iakovou Tompazi 1, Limassol 3107, Cyprus