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What we do

Energame is a management consultancy and an investment advisory firm specialized in online entertainment.

We manage the development and growth of a diverse range of clients within the iGaming sector, encompassing areas of sports betting, gambling, cybersport, fantasy sports, IT platform solutions, and content production worldwide.



We offer a comprehensive suite of management services to both early-stage and mature iGaming companies, as well as businesses providing services in this industry.

This includes, advice on strategy, growth, marketing, public affairs, finance, and operational excellence, and more.


We advise companies from the world of online entertainment on investment strategy, asset targeting, M&A supervision, capital fundraising, and more.

We may selectively co-invest with our clients when the opportunity arises

HR & Admin

We deliver top-tier services in International Recruitment, HR operations & Automation, Employer Branding & Communications,

Office & Admin and Business travel.

IT Support & IT Security

Our IT & Security teams develop, deploy, and maintain secure large-scale systems to ensure smooth operations for modern businesses.

We are supporting our users and ensuring their success.

Legal Assistance & Tax

We handle legal and tax areas: corporate and regulations, tax and structuring, banking and business set up, contract management,

IP assets management and protection, immigration and labour, dispute resolutions.

Finance & advisory services

Our finance teams focus expertise on the full circle financial support of the business and provide services in automation of accounting

operations and support of different financial processes.



Our client base represents the entire value chain of the industry and as advisers we generate unique synergy, sustainable added value and unparalleled competitive advantages.

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The biggest advantage we bring, beyond our comprehensive expertise, includes 30 years of hands-on experience, a global network and growth mindset.


of our clients


Cyprus, UK, UAE, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan


Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania


South America

Brazil, Chile, Peru



Unrestrained Growth

We challenge conventional thinking in our pursuit of growth for our clients and partners.

Recognizing that everlasting evolution, adaptation and transformation are critical to sustained success, we strive to foster an environment that encourages these elements.

Adaptiveness and Flexibility

We harness the power of bold ideas, great products and unrivalled companies.

As such we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all and endorse tailored strategies aimed at sustainable growth.


By working with a variety of companies on all continents, we draw from a wealth of perspectives within the entertainment industry and beyond.

This enriches and fortifies both our clients’ business and us.


Integrity is a cornerstone of our business and we invest a great deal of time and effort in nurturing mutual trust in our relationships. We are proud to have built an open and inclusive culture that is centred around, shared commitment and responsibility with our clients and partners.

This mutual adherence to principles is essential for our shared success.

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Vashiotis Business Center, Iakovou Tompazi 1, Limassol 3107, Cyprus